Eight years after the 2000 election debacle, Florida voters have another chance to make history. By one count, as few as 193 Florida votes decided the 2000 election according to CNN!

Obama can win Florida with our help - Let's take back the vote!

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Latest Polls in Florida - show shifts toward McCain. CNN/Time/Opinion Research Corp. (1 pt.) and Quinnipiac (3 pt.). Obama leads by about 2 pts.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


from my e-mail;

"Today was the first day of early voting in South Florida and it was a disaster. My husband went to downtown Miami, and he couldn't vote because the machines were not working properly. Then, he went to Coral Gables, same story. Finally he decided to ask for a absentee ballot."

And from the Guardian's report on today's release of the Pew report -

Election Preview 2008: What if we had an election and everyone came?

"Eight years after the uncovered problems in the 2000 election and more than five years after the creation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, millions of Americans will head to the polls on November 4 in what many are predicting will be the highest turnout election in recent memory.

"Like the infamous Nor'easter that sank the Andrea Gail, another perfect storm may be brewing, only this one has the potential to combine a record turnout with an insufficient number of poll workers and a voting system still in flux."

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